before & after: guest bathroom

I love thinking back to where we started with a room. We were crazy and lived in the house while we were building it. It was Spartan living at it’s finest.

For example, for several months, while we worked on big things like insulation, radiant flooring, and electricity,  we weren’t concentrating on  a nice bedroom. We had to get way more important things finished first, like trying to heat the house before Fall.

So for awhile we had an air mattress in the master bedroom, and we purchased 1 toilet and hooked it up to the one room that had completed plumbing – the guest bathroom.

The master bathroom and guest bathroom shared a wall, so we would walk through our framed bathroom and walk in between the studs to use this working toilet in the guest bathroom. The only working toilet in the house.*

before guest bathroom

That’s the before of the guest bath.

This is my vision. OB-guest bathroom

Here’s where we’re at.

2-Guest Bathroom

1-Guest Bathroom

*To give you some perspective of what the kind of spartan living we endured: our toilets for 2 years prior to this were the tiny, wacky toilets in the trailers. Or a porta-potty in the yard, but I refused to use that. 

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