current project: guest bathroom

Here is where we were at:

2-Guest Bathroom

This is the progress we have made.

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Design Details

  • Floating IKEA-hacked cabinets. The water-in pipes were too wide for the IKEA cabinets we purchased. So instead of
    • Returning them
    • Making a custom cabinet
    • Researching all over for a new set of cabinets, Bryce just customized them.
  • We didn’t want to spend a lot on counters, so Bryce glued together 2 pieces of ¾” thick finish-grade plywood and stained them black and lacquered them.
  • We didn’t really want to invest a lot in a bathroom that wouldn’t get used all that often, so we installed basic Home Depot marble tiles for the floor and in the shower. They turned out quite classy against white gloss cabinets. 7-IMG_0799
  • I made this Roman shade. 4-IMG_0794

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