tutorial: IKEA Hack – modern island out of Lagan countertop


My husband Bryce is a financial controller (CPA/accountant). One might stereotype him as nerdy, boring, stuffy, left-brained. Not so. He’s a wooly-headed and bearded Ginger, often gregarious always sarcastic. What most might not guess is that he’s also wickedly creative.

Our u-shaped kitchen is strategically set up so that the stove is central with an island so people can sit and admire us foodies (Bryce and myself or often my guest-starring parents) working our magic. Yes, I am boasting profusely, and I apologize, but it’s what we absolutely love to do. So Bryce designed this kitchen perfectly for us.

Our modern aesthetic needed something unusual for the island. Enter Bryce’s fantastic creativity and $80 worth of IKEA materials. We made a gorgeous modern island out of 2 $39 IKEA Lagan solid wood countertop.


So we cut small pieces of the Lagan to serve as the T for the island and attached these to a full piece of the Lagan (~50×26″ but there is a longer piece available too at 96×26″ for only $59). You can see in this photo that at the joints, we filled with wood glue and sanded to create a seamless joint.

Attach small pieces to the large counter top.

Attach T to island wall

Then we attached the T to our island wall with L-brackets.

L-brackets connect the 2 counter surfaces

With the rest of the 2nd piece of Lagan, we created an L and made a “leg.” We used L-brackets again to brace the 2 pieces of wood.


Pocket-drill into solid flooring and then fill with plug

Where the “leg” meets the floor, we did a Kreg pocket drill directly into the floor. This sucker is bullet-proof now.

To finish, we simply sanded and lacquered a few times and voila! We now have a gorgeous island for only $80!

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