tutorial: sparkly DIY pendant

I have been drooling over this Cellula Chandelier for ages, but it’s over $2700. That’s a bit outside of our lighting budget. Actually, I think that’s more than our whole lighting budget.

Cellula ChandelierSo I got crafty.

sparkly pendant4

Ages ago my grandmother gave me a crystal necklace that I didn’t wear all that often. So now I can see it every day since I turned it into my version of the DWR chandelier!

sparkly pendant


I realized that the DWR horizontal bar on the chandelier looked a lot like chrome shelving. I have a ton of it lying around as that was my furniture for several years. So, I took fishing line and tied the crystal bead from it.

I just tied aknots in the fishing line to hold the beads.

sparkly pendant2

And Voila! My own version!

sparkly pendant3

Eventually I would like to add some chunky crystals and actually turn it into a light. It’s easy, but at the moment I have a few other higher priority projects. So for now it just glistens above my dining room table.


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