current project: master bedroom


1-Master BedroomOB-master bedroom - sexy regal violet I chose such a dark color on the walls after using the Benjamin Moore [link?] paint chooser tool. The dark really makes the eyes focus on the gorgeous view of the trees. On the tool, light colors just blended with the scenery.

I found the light at Lamps Plus [link] for under $300. The one in my moodboard is several thousand. Ha!

We are still trying to work out what baseboards to use. We think we found a solution for the round walls [link] but we need to be assured we can get ones that match and blend for the straight walls for a cheaper price. The [rubber?] ones that bend are quite expensive.

That trunk is obviously not permanent, but I needed some storage while we worked and put money into other parts of the house (like stairs). My hope is to get some wood tones into our room. [what’s the name of the wood? Rose wood?]

We have piping for a gas fireplace on the wall not in the picture. I didn’t take a picture of it because it’s a big ugly pipe sticking out of the wall! But we will mount something sleek and elegant there, and then we will have a nice seating area at the end of the bed.

I need a place in the house where I can shut the door and have a quiet sanctuary. With my office right in the great room, things can get distracting when I’m trying to read or write when Bryce and Declan are playing together.

Rugs that go under a bed, even just a queen size, are quite expensive. I may go with FLOR. I want the rug to touch under the bed so we have something soft to land on when getting out of it, and I want it to be an anchor for the seating area at the end of the bed. So a rug that significant will have to wait for some savings.

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