Not sure if anyone out there is like me, but I do a lot better with a plan. Being a visual person, having a visual plan is the best. Spending countless hours on interior design blogs while simultaneously watching HGTV and DIY interior design shows, as well as having a background at internet design agencies, the “moodboard” is the standard in visual planning.

Traditionally, room moodboards would have an interior designer’s rendering of a particular view in a room surrounded by swatches of fabric choices and tile options all tacked onto tag board. Those are kind of hard to share in the blogosphere. Thank god for internet technology!

My favorite moodboard creator is Olioboard.

Here’s my first moodboard for our master bedroom.

old master bedroom moodboard

And back in the day, this is pretty much the closest I could get to that moodboard on ZERO budget (all our money was going into exciting things like cabinetry, metric tons of Wonderboard, and tile.

master bedroom after2

master bedroom after

Then, with a little bit more practice on Olioboard, I came up with a Round 2 design for our master suite. I still have a lot to learn in Olioboard. There are some real pros on it. I need more practice.

OB-master bedroom - sexy regal violet

And here is the Work-in-Progress with minimal budget (natch)!

1-Master Bedroom

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