tutorial: candle holders

This year I need something a bit more decorative than my previous Thanksgiving tables. I stumbled across these easy-to-make, beautiful, DIY candleholders. Michael, at Inspired by Charm created these with wooden table legs that he found at a hardware store.

At my local lumberyard, I didn’t like the table legs they offered, so I purchased an 8’ long 2×2” for about $2.50.

I stretched the tape measure out along the 2X2″ board and ticked off a couple of 12”, 10”, 8”, and 6”. I don’t normally recommend measuring this way because the measurements get off because of the width of the saw blade about 1/8” of an inch, and that adds up. It’s not going to be the end of the day if the candlesticks aren’t exactly a certain height. It’s just being lazy on my part, but it works when you want to get something pretty done within a very brief window  that you have when a baby is napping!

I used the chop saw to cut the lengths. Since I was doing this project alone, I used these awesome roller stands that really help with holding boards while you’re cutting.


Then I used an orbital sander to smooth them out. This part consumed the most amount of time. I only had on hand rougher grit that fit the sander. So after I glued them together, I used a finer sandpaper. No sense in sanding every edge when they will just be glued together.


1-Christmas Decor Projects

Bryce mentioned that there’s a much easier way to drill holes than holding a drill like in this photo:

It’s much easier to use a drill press, if you have one. If not, do it like the photo above and how it’s instructed in the link.

A drill press is super easy.



drill press in action



I did a quick sand in the candle holes with my Dremel. Now they are ready for glue.



They’re glued together with a basic glue gun. I eyeballed them first with the candles in before figuring out placement. Here I’m checking out how they look with the tapered candles.


I let them dry a bit and primed them.



Then I used metallic silver paint.




Don’t laugh. I got super lazy, but it created a really cool effect. I wanted white blocking, so I just dipped half of the candleholder into a gallon of white paint. Ha!


I had to lift them up every once in awhile and set them on a dry spot on the cardboard to get the drip puddle under control.

Here they are in action, during a power outage, of course.




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