tutorial: plywood christmas tree

We make a point of spending Christmas morning with just us. Bryce and I started this tradition before we had Declan. We love the magic of a quiet Christmas Eve and our traditions:

  • Paleo sausage lasagna
  • Putting together a jigsaw puzzle while listening to a Christmas Pandora station
  • Sipping drinking chocolate spiked with a splash of peppermint schnapps

And, of course, Christmas movies. Our favorites:

  • Christmas in Connecticut
  • White Christmas (Sisters song always gets stuck in my head) [do I have the right movie and song]
  • One more

Now that we have someone in the house who’s almost 2 years old, I think we might have to skip the jigsaw puzzle tradition for a couple of years.

Nordstrom Tree2

Here’s a very quick project that I was able to put together with scrap building materials, minimal husband time, and low fussiness.

I found this at Nordstrom. Here’s a snapshot if it in the store.


  1. Stencil: Cut open a grocery bag or larger paper shopping bag flat. This gives you nice, heavy paper so you can trace your tree design.
  2. Fold the paper lengthwise.
  3. Draw a large tree lengthwise along the fold.
  4. Cut the tree.
  5. Wood: find a piece of plywood large enough for your tree stencil.
  6. Trace the tree onto the wood.
  7. Using a miter saw cut out the tree outline. This is where I had Bryce do this because he has better fine saw skills than I.
  8. Give the tree a little sanding to smooth out the edges.
  9. Sparkles: trace the outline of the tree with Elmer’s Glue.
  10. Sprinkle on glitter and let it dry.
  11. Display: easiest, prop against the wall on a display or picture shelf.

What’s your favorite holiday movie? What are your Christmas Eve traditions?

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