current project: stairs


The railing is made up of strips of ¼” plywood ripped into 1 ½” wide strips, glued together. The outer layers are finish grade plywood; the inner layers are cheaper wood since they are not visible.

Bryce slapped glue on the layers, and then while they were drying, used clamps to bend the strips into the round shape of the stairs. He attached the clamps to blocks on the steps you can see in the middle picture.

Next, we will put some sort of spacers, yet to be designed, to fill the space between the window wells and the stairs. This will make them tight so no little bodies can slide down in between.

Our goal is to get the window sills framed with sheetrock. This will finish the look there when you are staring at the stairs.

The four tall posts holding the railings will be cut. Bryce uses a [noisy tool] that shoots metal dust everywhere, so we have to plan this around a day when I will be out with Declan for several hours.

When we are done with all of the above, we will paint all of the exposed metal the same black that you see on the stringers. Even the vertical railings. They will all match and create a nice contrast with the light wood. It is quite a dramatic contrast with the light wood, black metal and black honed stone flooring.

More photos of the stair project.



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