tutorial: raised beds

I get so tired of working on the house, that any opportunity I get to take shortcuts, save myself a trip to the lumber yard, and save time (and energy!), I take it. We had some 12′ long 2×10″ boards lying around, and I needed some raised beds.

So I cut the boards all up at once and quickly drilled them all at one time, and I managed to assemble 8 raised beds in a couple of hours. And I didn’t have to go to the lumber yard for any more materials. Win, win!

I think I had a combo of bigger size and regular boards, and a couple of pressure treated boards in a bigger size. You can see the difference in the photos at the end of this post.


  • 2×10″ board, the length depends upon how many beds you want
  • 1×2″ board (or rip a 2×4″)
  • drill
  • outdoor or decking screws (at least 2.5 inches long)
  • skill saw
  • chop saw, if you don’t want to use a skill saw on the 1×2″ boards


  • With the 2×10″ boards, I cut them down into 5′ lengths and 2′ lengths.
  • Then I chop sawed the 1×2″ boards into 10″ lengths – these will be the braces for the beds.
  • Drill two of the 10″ long 1×2″ boards onto one of the 2′ lengths of the 2×10″ boards. See the 3rd photo.


1-Raised Beds Tutorial

  • Then drill the 2′ lengths to the 5′ lengths into the 1×2″ braces to create a box.
  • I was doing this project by myself, so I used a completed box to hold up the loose board of the box I was working on while I was drilling.

1-Raised Beds Tutorial1

We have great soil in our yard, so I didn’t bother putting bottoms on the boards. I did staple landscaping cloth, though, to try to deter rodents and weeds.

Here are the finished beds!

1-Raised Beds Tutorial2

4-Raised Beds Tutorial3

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