Before & After: Mom & Dad’s Master Bedroom

My first client! I think if I can take on my parents as a client, I can take on anyone! Parents are the hardest to have as clients.

Here are the before shots.

2-FullSizeRender (4)

Their bedroom was an 80’s, barren wash of cream walls and cream carpet. They inherited a couple of “art deco”, puce-colored swivel club chairs, and had a lot of functional-not-pretty IKEA pieces as placeholders until they got real furniture.

3-FullSizeRender (3)

These IKEA drawers are quite useful, but better now that they are overflow storage hidden in the closet.

4-FullSizeRender (2)

This poor window hung out by its lonesome in the middle of a wide, open, off-white wall.

1-FullSizeRender (1)

My mom quilted this cool dragon square as well as the comforter. I used these two pieces as my inspiration anchors for the room. They both have splashes of purple and teal which served as my accent colors.

Unfortunately, as you can see in the above picture, these art pieces get completely washed out by the overwhelming cream walls, cream carpet, birch tables and white lamps. Also, much like their poor window, the dragon square gets completely swallowed by the expanse of the cream wall.

Their room needed color and texture, STAT!

Here is my vision board. As I mentioned earlier, I used my mom’s quilts as the foundation of the design.

M&D moodboard

As also I mentioned, parents are the hardest clients. They don’t like to take orders from their daughter. Nor do they liked to be coaxed, reasoned with, and especially not begged at. These are the measures I had to take to try to get them to paint the room. I even negotiated painting it myself in exchange for babysitting and red wine. Still, no go on the painting.

I even tried to persuade them visually. Still; no go.


I wanted to paint the walls with the color on the bottom right of the grid, then use the complementary, lighter shade above it on the ceilings. I lost. As I said, parents are the hardest clients. So in my mind, the room isn’t finished. But they are very happy with the results.

So in the “after” pictures (I’m still secretly pining that these are still “during” photos and they will paint), just squint a bit to finish the room off with a fresh coat of the above colors.

The purple and teal definitely bring some color to the room. It nicely contrasts the warmer gold tones in the quilt that once were invisible with no headboard. Also, the warmer/not white lamp shapes, give a softer glow to the room.

I still feel the gallery wall isn’t perfect. I think a nice warm color on the wall would finish it. But it is much improved with the contemporary side chairs.

We all love the pop of teal with the table lamps and side table.

One of the biggest improvements was the simplest, and that was to just add some drapes to that poor window all alone on the big wall.

Shopping List:

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