next project: laundry room

Next project is the laundry room. Well, it might not come exactly next, as in chronologically next. We have a lot of projects in the hopper, and we are horribly notorious for starting and stopping many projects at one time. Right now we are finishing up the master shower, thinking about baseboards in the bathroom, about to get our Portland duplex ready to rent, plus the laundry room. Most of these project involve Bryce’s heavy lifting, so I do what I can.

I can do the IKEA Planner for our laundry room.

I don’t understand why IKEA’s PAX wardrobe planning tool is totally impossible to use, yet their kitchen cabinet tool is a total breeze. This took me just a couple of minutes to whip up.

The big blank spot is for the new washer and dryer. We will put our current ones (Craigslist find years ago – $250 for the pair and they’ve worked great!) in one of the sides of the duplex.

This whole setup is $1200! I LOVE IKEA cabinets.


IKEA planner laundry room2

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