laundry room plan revisited

The more I think about my laundry room plan, the more I realize that I didn’t think about it enough.

I train 6 times a week, my husband is on a race team, so we have a lot of clothes that don’t go in the dryer. We need more air drying surface area.

Back to the drawing board.

Design #2 knocked off at least $300 on the budget by taking out cabinets over the sink and putting in racks. That would make the whole laundry room cost under $1000. I like that.

IKEA planner laundry room3.png

Then I started Pinning and found some solutions that might work better for this space. We don’t really have a linen closet, so we need more closed cabinet space to tuck away sheets and guest towels.

Here were some of my inspirations.

Brit + Co

The rod in between the cabinets seems like a great solution. Bryce liked that the drying rod would be over the washer and dryer. We can install a counter over the machines, like what’s pictured, then any water from the clothes could be directed from the counter down to the pan below the washing machine.

Decor Pad

I love the backsplashes on both of those inspirations!

So I created a Design #3 for the cabinets. This one gives me a 15″ high, 30″ wide cabinet flanked by 40″ high cabinets that are only 15″ wide. Then we can install a rod under the high cabinet like in my inspiration images.

IKEA planner laundry room4

So you get a better understanding of what we’re working with, here is my first video for my blog! I walk you through what the laundry room looks like today. Check it out!










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