Architect spotlight: Michael Gabellini

I’m studying interior design and am introduced to various architects and designers. This week we are covering Michael Gabellini, and it got me excited enough to write a blog post about him.

I have a bit of a personal connection to him, because I worked at Knoll for a very short stint and Gabellini was born about 20 minutes from Knoll’s headquarters in East Greenville, PA. What we read about him is that he was influenced as a child by the air of design and creativity that’s whirling about that part of the united states.

One of his mentors was Mies Van de Roh who designed the iconic Barcelona Chair.

Barcelona Chair, Mies Van Der Rohe for Knoll

While working at Knoll, I was able to get a discounted Barcelona Table. I LOVE this piece.


Some of Gabellini’s other mentors included Rem Koolhaus who designed our library.

Rem Koolhaus, Seattle Public Library via Design Milk

Mies and Rem were connected with the Bauhaus movement, a constant topic of the Knoll kool-aid. I loved it.

Gabellini has a sculptural background, and clearly it’s his passion, because his works are quite literally sculptures.

This house is on an actual plinth (which I had to look up the definition. It’s the flat piece on a pedestal where you place art or statutes, or marble busts).Gabellini plinth

The Jil Sanders store in Paris is quite sculptural as well Check out this staircase!

Jil Sander store Paris via The Republic of Less

One surprising thing about Gabellini is that he designed the Bellevue Luxury Village. The drawing of the outside of the building almost looks like the Colosseum. Talk about sculptural!

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