tutorial: a simple woodshed

When I was in my first trimester, I panicked because there were so many projects left undone on the house. One of the projects was a mess of log piles gathering moss from when the property was cleared to build the house.

Today as I watch crows gathering twigs in our yard, I chuckle at how strong that nesting instinct is in all creatures.

I was about 2 months pregnant and I needed to be able to easily step out our door and grab logs. I had to heat the home for this baby! The power goes out all the time on Vashon. The crude saying is, “If a mosquito farts on Vashon, the power goes out.” Sometimes it goes out for days. I didn’t want to be stuck not being able to keep my house warm for this new baby. Our log pile was very far from the house, too.

So Bryce made a quick sketch, we ran to the lumber yard, and knocked this puppy out in a weekend.

The yard was a construction zone, and we had to work around these huge piles of logs and floor tiles. Full disclosure, the yard hasn’t changed much. Landscaping is on our 2017 plan!

So this is how we started. There were lots of piles of crap, but we worked around it. We laid  the boards down. I think it’s 10’x12′. We made it simple so we could just pick up the boards from the lumber yard and not have to cut a lot. That helped with making this go quickly.

The ground is quite uneven, as you can tell in the photos. So we used concrete pier blocks  that have a cross in them for 2×4’s. Then we had to shim them up with stones to get a level base for the shed floor.

Then we framed out a floor.

Shed floor frame
Framing the shed floor
Complete shed floor frame



Next, we hold one stud up vertically with a level, then nail a support board to it to hold it plumb, then start building the wall.

Plumbing the first shed wall

We nailed all of the studs in place, then cut them at an angle for the sloped roof line.

Shed walls

I’m not going to lie, there still, in 2016 – this was built in 2013 – is no door. Ha! We had/have too many other projects to do! Some day when we paint the house (it’s in our 2016 plan!) we will paint this the same color and add a shed door.

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