Design manifesto

 It is my duty as an Interior Designer to advance the world by improving the lives of individuals by enlightening their mindsets through

– enhancing the environments in which they live

– enriching the places they work

– heightening the experiences of the places where they receive public services

When an individual’s environment is improved, they are a calmer, more creative, and are often a more empathetic person. When a person lives and works in a beneficial environment, they can go out into the world and create something that then in turn, improves the world, too.

Considered design is an iterative process. During each round of design, we must ask, “How can we make this more sustainable?” “How can this better affect someone’s life?”  Design is a responsibility. It is an obligation. It is a requirement that design completely considers the environment. Everything that I design must take into consideration the sustainability of the planet.

➔ I vow, as an Interior Designer, to keep abreast of furniture companies that are manufacturing with sustainable practices by:

o using materials sourced as much as possible within the United States

o having a manufacturing and distribution operation that employs American citizens for the sustainability of our country’s economy

o using recycled materials and then recycling the materials they use

o producing products with as few adverse effects as possible, such as off-gassing fumes

➔ I vow, as an Interior Designer, to keep myself informed and consult with clients on the benefits of working with companies that operate with sustainable practices.

➔ I vow to work with clients’ budgets to find the best solution within their means to complete their projects using sustainable materials.

➔ I vow to source products, as often as possible, that can be repaired, instead of having to be replaced.

➔ I vow, no matter how strong my relationships are with manufacturers and retailers, that I will try my hardest to use a product that has already been created rather than burn up natural resources to create a new product.  Design is a life improvement. I will not work on a project unless it heightens someone’s senses, their awareness, or pleasure in this world. My design must improve a person’s mental health, mood and their state of mind.

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