Design Styles Explained: Industrial

So I have been doing a series of interior design styles explained. I’ve written about Traditional style, Hollywood Regency, and Scandinavian so far. The one I gravitate towards the most is more of an urban industrial style, even though we live in contemporary house on 3 acres of woods on a rural island. You think our style would be farmhouse or something. Far from!

Urban Industrial doesn’t have an interesting or storied past like Hollywood Regency and Scandinavian. Basically, Urban Industrial became a style with the exodus from Suburbia to the cities, and when city planning focused on denser living.

Old warehouses and factories became a hot commodity. So, exposed brick and old steel staircases became a design element.

warehouse to loft conversion in Barcelona:
Warehouse turned loft in Barcelona – via Pandas House
Old auto garage turned apartment on Capitol Hill via Seattle Magazine


Industrial style interior designs are common for lofts and old warehouses turned into unique living spaces; they are raw and rough surfaces, an unfinished look.
Industrial loft via Examiner
San Francisco loft via SFARMLS


Urban Industrial isn’t quite as identifiable as some of the other design styles. You can put classy furniture or rough furniture in a warehouse set up and it’s bound to look cool if done with a purpose. To offset steel, rough beams and exposed brick, warm textures and tones should be introduced. Rough leather looks great.

Plus, it’s also super cool to add some flair. Fancy crystal chandeliers would look great and unexpected.

Below is how I would do my urban loft.

– My Urban Industrial Moodboard – 

Industrial Moodboard
1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6


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