More Progress on the Front Deck!

As I mentioned in my post two weeks ago, we’ve been working on the front entry. That post tells about what has held us up this last year. Now we are finally getting back on track and it feels so good to post progress photos for you guys again!

To recap, here’s what we’ve come home to for a few years. A super dilapidated, temporary, construction staircase, a lot of Typar paper, and a temporary front door that I slapped some red paint on.

Before front entry
Before front entry

We ordered huge truckloads of dirt and rock, that Declan really loved to watch dump. Then Bryce started plugging away at filling gabions and moving dirt.

Before last week, it looked like this. This is where we had to stop last summer. You can read all about gabions and the front entry work.

Where we left off on the front entry work August 2015

This next picture really shows just how far off the ground the front door is. This is what all of our work was about last week – filling in the dirt. The goal is to get an entry way that has dramatic steps up to a beautiful door, but that also has an easy, low-slope ramp for wheeling in furniture and for handicap access.

The distance from the ground to the door

We installed 2 gabions last year and figured out we needed 2 more to hold the dirt back for our entry ramp.

Building up gabions to retain dirt
Working on filling the 3rd gabion
We rented a dingo to move the rocks
3rd gabion partially filled

Toddlers are a BIG help on projects like this.

Declan helping Daddy

Here you can see just how much dirt we used. I think it was 6 full-sized dump truck loads.

Almost buried gabion
Gabions retaining a lot of dirt
Dirt fill going into our back yard

This next picture shows the progress of the dirt.

Front Entry Collage2

Here’s how it looks from the front.

4th gabion finished
Front entry now

This isn’t a super dramatic before and after, but it’s been A LOT of work. 🙂

Front Entry Collage

Front entry now




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