Katie’s Living Room Moodboard

Another client! This was also a super fun project like doing Lash Be A Lady.

Katie is a friend of mine who is also a Mom Entrepreneur. She teaches music classes at Sweet Little Sounds based in West Seattle.

Katie’s Music Lesson Business
She reached out to me because she was ready to give her living room a boost. She has a 4 year old boy and a 6 month old girl. She wants more of an adult living room, but that is sturdy enough to handle all of the kid traffic.

Here’s her living room and her intake letter.

Katie PicMonkey Collage

Hi, Angie, 

Here is a fresh pinterest board 🙂 I did not spend time weeding through my favorite of favorites, or try to narrow down the style, so it’s pretty random. I like a lot of different styles, and from your mood boards I’d say I like industrial lighting (I’m also a sucker for glam lighting and would like to have some bling if appropriate), Scandinavian calm and simplicity, and I kind of loved all of your Hollywood regency board (minus the chandelier and the thing behind the red chairs). I’m afraid of color. The flooring in the house is unfortunate and not due to change anytime soon, which will likely impact things. 

The main reasons for this change are:

Couch cuddling potential

Increase comfortable seating (currently 5 people) We would like to have double that, or really just as much as possible while still having a nice space

Having a thoughtful, aesthetically pleasing space

General Needs:

Function is most important

Seats many people

Cleanable and very durable (my son is essentially a Tasmanian devil: he will jump all over, move furniture, flip it upside down, and rub his dirty hands on it) 

High(ish) back on main couch 

Comfortable/Cozy, especially on main couch

Good View of TV (above fireplace, which is connected to the sound system, so not really flexible on location)

 A workspace would be cool, but I’m afraid of the space getting cluttered, and the primary goal of the space is comfortable and cozy seating for many people. I pinned a “command station” just in case something strikes you

A place to put drinks (totally flexible) 

Currently, we have a Rainforest Jumparoo, Bumbo, Playyard, etc. These are temporary, so I’d like a plan that does not include them in the space, but allows for them to exist in the short term. Also, sharp corners, glass, and similar will not be in our cards this time around. 

Would love:

Textures (love super soft things that are still durable and a variety of textures). 

1-2 small storage spaces (ottomans, basket, etc…) would be awesome. One will be used for baby toys and the other for our papers. 

Additional storage that is cute would be so amazing…but it must be cute. 

Artwork is at a DIY status at this point of our lives- I want to have real art at some point, but currently, all our “art” consists of free printables, and Kenton’s art 🙂

Her letter was super specific which really helped me. Doing a Pinterest board is the best thing. She picked styles that piqued her interest. Then she and I talked about each picture and what pulled her into the photo and talked about the feeling it evoked. This is crucial in the whole decorating process.

And here’s what I came up with!

Katie Living Room Moodboard
Katie’s Living Room Moodboard
Here’s the shopping list and write-up and vision I made for her.


VISION: a slightly textured glam, kid-friendly, snuggle zone with room for friends.

I wanted to add just the slightest shade of blush into this, since you mentioned your fear of color. I focused on textured  things that were soft and comfortable for cuddle puddles. There’s a balance of masculine and feminine with the chocolate leather and blushes of pink in the patterned and fur pillows. The glass in the lamps and the silver of the drum table give it just a bit of bling. I love that drum.


# Item Name & Link Dimensions Price
1 Yosemite Home Decor Framed Wall Mirror            $56.99 (x3) 27″ H x 23″ W $170.97
2 Safavieh Wesley Rug 6’7”x9’1” $223.99
3 LANDSKRONA Sectional 5-seat corner Grann, Bomstad dark brown/wood Depth: 35 ”

Width right: 110 5/8 ”

Width left: 94 7/8 ”

Seat depth: 22 ”

Seat height: 17 3/8 ”

Height: 30 3/4 “

4 Concentric Coffee Table 42”W x 42”D x 18” H $299.00
5 Baxton Studio Arm Chair in Beige                                       $183.95 (x2) 29.25″ H x 29.25″ W x 32.76″ D $367.90
6 Marlton End Table Gold – Threshold™ 25” H x 10” W x 20” D $48.99
7 Hand Knit Large Rectangle Bin with Handles  $19.99 (x2 or more if needed for storage) 14.2″ W x 12.2″ D $39.98
8 Pellston Floor Lamp 59″ H $79.00
9 Rocio End Table by Mercer41 21″ H x 17″ W x 17″ D $164.95
10 Eleanor Bookshelf Natural/White – TMS 63” H x 28” W x 12” D $69.97*
11 Rita Clear Glass Table Lamp                                            $29.99 (x2) 17 1/2″ H $59.98
12 Ashton Sutton Crystals Glass Mosaic Wall Mirror 20″ $58.99


13 Ezra Tile Throw Pillow in Java 18″ x 18″ $36.35
14 Becky Mongolian Lamb Fur Wool Throw Pillow in Oyster 20” x 20” $69.72
15 Moody Damask Throw Pillow in Pink 18″ H x 18″ W $35.70
16 Framed Art – Portofino Afternoon 16″ x 20″ $147.00
17 Windham Desk in Walnut 30”  H x 40” W x 20” D $98.99
18 Linon Titian Console Table in Rustic Gray 14” D x 42” W x 30.7” H $126
  TOTAL   $3,826.51

* with Amazon Prime

I can’t wait until she goes shopping! I will defintely post the before & after.

Do you have a space that needs some sprucing up? I’m running an introductory special on moodboard design services which includes a shopping list, like the one above for Katie or like one I did for Lash Be A Lady.

The offer includes an in-person visit (if you’re in the Seattle area) or a Skype call walking through the room. Then we discuss design, and I come up with a vision for you, along with a shopping list. The pricing is on a sliding scale, depending upon which services you need.

Reach out to me if you’re interested! There’s a contact form on my About page in the top menu. or you can leave a comment and we can connect.

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