Even More Progress on The Front Entry

Wahoo! I love progress! We are still working on the front entry, but fortunately this round we were able to hire some people to help. We built up a lot of dirt ourselves, then we hired a crew to lay down some nice gravel over it.

We still have a lot of landscaping to do, as you can see in the photos, but we only go in baby steps! We did also have to re-gravel the entire driveway, and it’s a long steep one, so that took a chunk of change. But now we have someone starting next week to finish the siding, the deck, and then paint the whole house. I can’t wait!

New graveled path for the front entry

This new path up to the house winds around the front deck so that we can have a ramp getting into the house for anyone with difficulty walking or for wheeling in appliances and furniture (a laundry room is in our future!).

Graveled path

The path will get compacted down with the compactor pictured. I just couldn’t wait to share the progress.

Path for the front entry and gabions

Here you can see the path that winds around the deck. The railing is up the full way, so that we could keep a toddler safe while we were building it. We will take down a section of railing and put pavers on the gabion and there will be a railing at the ramp entry.

Front entry progress
Front entry path is shaping up
Smoother entryway
Ramp to the right of the front entry – we will make a step on the gabion and put in an entrance

Then we will finish out the deck and start on the siding. Now I have to go pick out a front door!










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