Moodboard: Living Room

As summer is winding up, and as the house projects are progressing, after what seems like a three year hiatus, I am motivated to get my house actually decorated. We still have bachelor furniture because we didn’t want to invest in anything nice while the house was  under construction.

Now we have a two and a half year old.

So maybe I am jumping the gun on getting proper furniture. But a girl can dream, can’t she? Don’t expect any dramatic before and after shots on the living room anytime soon.

I’m just wishing at this point.

This is the current state of our living room. It may look “designed,” but that’s just because I am starting to get a little better at taking photos. The trick is in the angle. Look closer at the photos. It’s kind of a mess. 😉


We have a couple of “forever” pieces:

  • Barcelona table
  • fancy glider
  • semi-forever (meaning for a few more years) sofa set

We desperately need a front door. We need to finish the fireplace. Then we need some more seating and storage pieces.

I made this moodboard about a year ago and it’s definitely just an inspiration moodboard. I like the textures and colors and shapes. We need a lot more pieces than this to fill up this great room, however.

But it’s a fun starting point!

I call this my Earthy Elegant living room inspiration.OB-Living Room Moodboard

Do you need a moodboard for a room refresh? Reach out to me on my About Me page and let’s get started!


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