5 steps to getting a Fall decorating plan together

After moving to the Seattle area from Portland, I launched head first into the project of finishing our house. My biggest dream of this home was making it an entertaining haven. I imagined it as sort of a beach house where groups of people could come and comfortably stay and rest and recuperate and play with us.

Eight years into this project, I am realizing that we have been working so hard on this dream that we haven’t stopped to actualize this dream.

We haven’t really entertained because the place wasn’t done. We haven’t really invited people over for dinner because the kitchen wasn’t done. We haven’t really invited friends from out of town to stay the weekend because the guest bedroom wasn’t done.

It’s been 8 years.

Every September I get into a super motivational mode. This year my project is turning this house into a refuge for social engagement.

I’m going to decorate. I’m going to ring in Fall. I’m going to put up fun decorations for Halloween. I am going to decorate the hell out of Christmas.

Instead of just buying some furry pillows and cable knit throws, then painting some gourds (I jest), I’m going to make a plan. And that always starts with an inspirational moodboard.

I scoured Pinterest, not for Fall decorations (speaking of painted gourd overload!), I searched for living rooms and bedrooms that made me feel cozy. My theme for Fall and Winter decorating?


So that’s where I always start. I put together a two or 3 word combo that evokes how I want to feel in the room. I want my home to be cozy, comfortable, and a haven where people will love to hang out with us.

Then I hit Pinterest. I start a fresh board, this one is Fall Decor, then I start searching for images that make me feel like they are a cozy haven. I am not searching for specific decoration styles, as I mentioned above. If you enter “Fall Decor” into Pinterest search, it’s super overwhelming with pumpkins, orange gingham, and dried wheat gnomes. That’s not the decorating style I am aiming for.

So instead I entered “Fall Living Room.” That still rendered up pumpkins, but also had tons of tastefully decorated, super comfy and warm living rooms. Not all of them were in my style, but that doesn’t matter. I pinned images that made me feel like it was a cozy haven.

20 Stylish Bedroom Hanging Chairs Design Ideas (PICTURES):
Now if that’s not a Cozy Haven, I don’t know what is! Via HD Etc.
Designs by Laila~ HomeGoods Fall Home Tour:
This is way more traditional than my style, and dammit, it has a painted gourd, but it looks soooooo cozy! Via Designs By Laila

Then I went to a site called Design Seeds. It’s a cool site I have been following since about 2010. It has the most amazing inspiration pictures with color palettes. This is the one I chose for my Cozy Haven Fall decor.

{ dried tones } image via: @evijajonina
Color inspiration: Design Seeds Dried Tones

I already have a lot of color in my living room. I have an orange wall in my dining room and lovely blue walls in the round part of the living room.

My Fall decor plan is to bring in textures and warmth without adding more color. I will do neutral accents that will complement the existing colors.

b&a living room7
Current living room needing some warmth
b&a living room5
Other side of the living room that needs some help

Then the next step is to put the pictures all together in a moodboard!

You can do a simple one with a grid in Word like I did for the Lash Be A Lady makeover.

Then print it up and take it with you shopping. And ONLY buy items that scream your two-word theme and that fit into the color palette you chose.

Here’s my Fall Cozy decor moodboard.

My Cozy Haven Fall decor moodboard
  1. Leather chair
  2. Sweater pillow
  3. Poufs
  4. Blankets
  5. Table
  6. Hood River
  7. Fur throw
  8. Leather pillow
  9. Fireplace

What do you think?

Here’s a recap in 5 simple steps.


  1. Think of 2 or 3 words that describe how you want to feel in this room
  2. Collect images of rooms or places or things that evoke the feeling of your selected words
  3. Go on a site like Design Seeds and find inspiring palettes that draw upon that feeling
  4. Put the pictures all together either on a Pinterest board or in a Word document
  5. Commit to the moodboard by bringing it with you when you’re shopping for decor


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