How to shop for Fall decor

Okay, we got our Fall decor plan together, now let’s go shopping!

With the moodboard I created, I now I have a great inspiration to easily put together a shopping list to spruce up the home.

To recap, here’s how I got here.


  1. Think of 2 or 3 words that describe how you want to feel in this room
  2. Collect images of rooms or places or things that evoke the feeling of your selected words
  3. Go on a site like Design Seeds and find inspiring palettes that draw upon that feeling
  4. Put the pictures all together either on a Pinterest board or in a Word document
  5. Commit to the moodboard by bringing it with you when you’re shopping for decor

This portion of the process took me about an hour. Then I put all of my pretty pictures into my Fall Decor Pinterest Board and this is the moodboard I put together.

Fall Decor Moodboard

A Pinterest board is probably enough for your decor inspiration. I just like laying out my favorite photos together to keep up on my Photoshop skills.

Now I can start shopping!

Having a 2 year old, I have to maximize my time the best I can. Online shopping is the easiest for me. Sure it’s nice to touch all of the cashmere throws and mongolian pillows, but come on, who’s got time for that?

When I am shopping, I am constantly referring to my moodboard. I am also thinking ahead to the next 3 decor events, Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas. The Fall decor moodboard above is my foundation. It’s my “warming up” of the house. So  I have also started my Pinterest brainstorms for my Halloween Decor, Thanksgiving Decor and Christmas Decor. Those will all be separate posts with moodboards for you guys, but you can pop over to Pinterest to see where I am going.

The point I am trying to make here is to have a MASTER plan and tie all of these decor events together so you don’t overspend or have a hodgepodge of decorations.

My Seasonal Master Plan

A “cozy haven” first and foremost, sprinkled with sophisticated,  tongue-in-cheek Halloween decorations that a 2 year old will love, then transitioning into a warm, welcoming, social Thanksgiving table, then bringing on Christmas with lots of cheer and twinkle.

How’s that for a decor mission statement?

So here’s what I am buying now.

I’d like a couple of sheepskin rugs to warm up my dining chairs.

Sheepskin rug $47 Amazon

Then I need throw pillows for my sofas.

Doucette Rust 20" Pillow
Sunburst pillow $69 Crate & Barrel

This pillow is a nod to Halloween and Fall with the owl feathers. Plus it ties in with my owls below.

Faux Fur Pillow Cover, Brown Owl Feather
Faux fur brown owl feather pillow $79 Williams Sonoma

Candles, candles everywhere! Plus the power goes out a lot on Vashon with trees falling on power lines.

Assortment of wire candle holders $6.95 – $99.95 Crate & Barrel

Tasteful Halloween decor that doesn’t scream Halloween and will look fine around Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Striped Owl - Set of 2
Large pair of owls $60 Z Gallerie

Nothing spells Fall more than a cozy blanket with a fire.

Where the Polka Dots Roam Essential Mink Faux Fur Throw Blanket
Minx faux fur blanket $45 All Modern
Dakota hair throw pillow $53 All Modern


Stockholm throw $30 All Modern

No painted gourds here!

Vine Twig Pumpkins
Vine twig pumpkins $9.95 – $29.95 Crate & Barrel
Mercury Row vasilisa pillow $63 All Modern


And I decided to throw in 1 sneak peek of my Halloween decor:

Metallic Skull
Metallic skull $30 Z Gallerie


Have you started your Fall decor plan? Please share. Do you want help creating one? Reach out to me on my About Me page.


























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