How to tastefully do Halloween decorations

Happy first couple of days of Fall, my friends!

I am sooooooo not a holiday decorator. I will put a Christmas tree up, I will string some lights and hang a wreath on the door (only because someone else bought it for me), but you will NEVER catch me with an inflatable jackolantern on the front lawn. No matter how much Bryce begs me. NEVER.

But now having a two year old, my spartan holidays just don’t really work anymore. This year I’m actually a little inspired to bring some holiday theme to our home. So my mission is to bring in the holiday cheer, but let’s do it tastefully together.

I laid the foundation for the transition from Summer to Fall in my posts on planning Fall decor and shopping for Fall decor. To recap, here’s my seasonal “mission statement,” if you will.

My Seasonal Master Plan

A “cozy haven” first and foremost, sprinkled with sophisticated,  tongue-in-cheek Halloween decorations that a 2 year old will love, then transitioning into a warm, welcoming, social Thanksgiving table, then bringing on Christmas with lots of cheer and twinkle.

 So with that, I started pinning my Halloween favorites.

I started with a color scheme that goes with my Fall moodboard.

Fall moodboard which is the foundation for my Halloween decorating

Now here’s my Halloween color scheme.

{ sky hues } image via: @indigoich
Halloween color inspiration that compliments my Fall moodboard – via Design Seeds

And then I started pinning some fun [TASTEFUL] Halloween decor.

Halloween Wreath Tutorial:

That gnarly looking wreath mad of thick branches would make a nice and slightly…:
Crate & Barrel
Z Gallerie:
Fun skull from Z Gallerie


Creepy Candlesticks:
This is an easy DIY project from Flamingo Toes
Haunted Village Halloween Decoration | Crate and Barrel:
Crate & Barrel
Z Gallerie:
Z Gallerie

I think a few of these fun, tasteful things can add some Halloween charm to the place!

What are you doing for Halloween decor?



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