A little more front entry progress

So this is a super short post today on some baby step progress we have made on the front entry.

Bryce and I are now both too busy with his new job, with me now working near full time, and raising a 2.5 yo to do much labor on our house anymore. We still obviously have to do the design work, but this Fall we have decided to hire a handyman.

I know the construction labor business in the Seattle area is VERY BUSY. Doing work for my clients, I constantly hear of general contractors booking out projects months in advanced and them having a super tough time trying to hire laborers, because the laborers have plenty of work, too.

But on my tiny island, it is downright near impossible to find labor. They have a captive audience bound in by the Puget Sound, and they can cherry pick their work. That is super awesome for them! Not so awesome for people needing work done on their homes.

We managed to find one guy who was extremely well-priced. But he hasn’t been able to work more than 8 hours a week on our house since the end of August. And he couldn’t work for 3 weeks because of another project he had going on.

But! He did work about 16 hours this month and made some progress! Here is some earlier progress on the front entry for comparison.

We boxed in beneath the deck with cedar planks

Front steps still look the same

Boxing in near the gabions

Looking better with the under-deck covered up now

Front entry shaping up nicely

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