Front Door Decisions

At glacial speed we have been making progress on our front entry. We are STILL working on it, but it still looks pretty much the same as this.

The front entry still pretty much looks like this

What we have accomplished since the above photo is adding a second entrance to this deck. We have created a ramp that goes up from the driveway and wraps around the front, and then eases up into this new entrance. This is so people will have only one small step instead of the 7 at the main entrance. The one step can easily be turned into a ramp for wheelchairs or for hand trucks carrying anything heavy to load into the house – like a new washer and dryer for my laundry room, someday.

This is where we are putting a second, easy-access entry from the ramp that wraps around the whole deck

I can’t really show you pictures of the new entrance as it was just finished last night and today we are bracing for the storm of the century. Well, I shouldn’t say the storm of the century, the last one of this magnitude happened when my mother was in her 20’s, and since she’s one of my only blog readers, I shouldn’t risk offending her. 🙂 Let’s just say it’s a big huge storm that is coming! And we’ve had a couple of inches  of rain overnight, so photo’s aren’t that great at the moment.

For the next step, we are kind of dragging our feet because it involves a HUGE purchase – the front doors.

Below is the door we picked out.

The door we are thinking about buying


Here’s how the door will sort of look installed

I poorly Photoshopped the door onto our entrance so we can kind of visualize it. I love the wood contrasted against the metal. I think this will look quite stately! Stay tuned for more progress over the next few weeks!





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