2 Sneak Peeks: Katie’s Remodel & Our Mudroom Progress

This has been a super busy month, both on the home front AND with clients! We are very close to to reveal some awesome Before & After’s! So in the meantime, I thought I would give you a little teaser as to what we have been working on.

First, remember Katie’s living room? She wanted to spruce up her living room and reached out to me to do a moodboard and shopping list.

Then, her dishwasher started leaking and they pulled it out and found that it had been leaking for a very long time! They found mold and dry rot everywhere! So she asked me to help her with her kitchen remodel. And then we needed to redo the living room. And then the bathroom needed a new vanity!

Here are some action shots of Katie’s remodel in progress.

New vanity for Katie’s bathroom
Part-way through Katie’s kitchen remodel

Then, at home, we have been working on the mudroom.

In typical Harpole fashion, we make a plan to update the mudroom before Thanksgiving, and then we get a crazy idea to make use of the 18′ ceiling and decide to put in a storage attic.

So now the plan is to build out a sturdy ceiling, put in an attic door and have all of that unnecessary height utilized as a storage space. This little “attic” will be short but extremely useful for storing seasonal decor at inside temperatures instead of in the dusty, cold garage.

Framing in a ceiling to create storage space 
Here is what the ceiling looked like before – 18 feet tall
Looking the other way at the roughed-in mudroom
Mudroom progress

Who wants to make bets on how much we will get done by turkey carving?

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