What I’m learning: SketchUp 3D Rendering

I don’t know how many of you know, but I am in Interior Design school, even though I can only take one class a quarter. This quarter I have a three dimensional design software rendering course. The software is called SketchUp. I can layout rooms from the ground up, specifying walls, windows, cabinets and decor, among other things.

I decided to use Katie’s kitchen remodel as my project for class. As you might recall, Katie asked for a moodboard for her living room, then her dishwasher leaked, revealing a whole huge mess, and she asked me to do her kitchen remodel. Here’s a sneak peek of Katie’s kitchen progress.

She’s tearing down the kitchen wall into her living room and putting in new flooring and redesigning the living room fireplace wall, as well. She was smart and decided to just fix all of the things that bug her at once! So the kitchen remodel has morphed into a living room remodel as well.

When I got all of the measurements of Katie’s kitchen and living room, I was able to draw out walls and then turn the room into a 3D layout using this software I am learning.

We were able to take out the wall on the right shown in this Before photo below.

Katie’s kitchen, we took out the wall to the right of little baby Joss

This photo below shows the same kitchen wall from the living room.


Here’s my drawing of her remodeled kitchen.

Katie’s kitchen drawn up in 3D
SketchUp Rendering View 1.png
Katie’s kitchen rendered

Below is what we started with in the living room. The fireplace was an awkward, curved blob taking up a lot of real estate. Katie and her contractor laid out a basic design for her new fireplace and storage needs. I put it into SketchUp for visualization.

Katie’s living room before

We made the wall a little wider but a lot thinner, then added a built-in bookshelf. So I put this into SketchUp for my homework assignment and here is how the design turned out.

Katie’s “After” living room 3D drawing

Then my software has a plugin where I can render my drawing to give it lighting, shading and photo-realistic edges on the furnishings.


Katie’s living room 3D rendering

This was my first practice at rendering scenes. There is a lot of fine-tuning needed still. For example, where the floor and wall meet in the living room scenes, there is light coming through. Also these drawings aren’t exactly what Katie is going with. I had to change furniture items and finishes to look good for the photo rendering process.

You will see her  beautiful after photos soon!

I might post my final project when I have to turn it in a couple of weeks from now. This is really fun work that I am doing. Thanks for looking!

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