Mudroom Progress

Remember my sneak peek to the mudroom? Well, we are almost there. Today’s post is another progress post. I planned out my mudroom and we are inching our way towards completion.

We wanted this to be done by Thanksgiving, but we have a tendency to expand our projects once we start them. This was no exception. This room had an 18 foot ceiling. It was originally designed to be the front entrance, but Bryce moved that to the other side of the house. We turned it into the backdoor, but then it had an awkwardly high ceiling.

Before – 18 foot ceiling 

We dropped the ceiling to match the height of the rest of the house. There was a lot of space up there so we installed an attic door to use it for storage.

Progress – new ceiling and flooring installed
Mudroom almost complete 
Other side of the mudroom, we ordered a new door that we just have to pick up then install, then trim out along with baseboards
Attic door for storage
Mudroom – next we will install the cabinets

So we got the bones of the room done and it feels great!

Next steps:

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