Lora’s kitchen and family room remodel before

Lora and her husband Adam started a huge kitchen and family room remodel back in September. Their situation is pretty cool. They bought the house Lora grew up in from her parents a few years ago. It’s this amazing house on Upper Queen Anne, just a short couple of blocks walk from all of the great shops and restaurants on Queen Anne Avenue North.

Her parents purchased one of those tiny postage stamp houses. It looks like it was a WWII post-war house, but it was actually built in 1907! I think the photo below of the house was taken in the 70’s.

Lora’s Before-Before
Lora’s dad is a carpenter and he went TO TOWN on this house adding a huge addition. Here’s what he turned it into. He added a whole huge section to the side of the house, probably tripling its square footage. He added an upstairs and a ginormous basement. So amazing!

After outside of the house today
Lora and Adam are doing their remodel in the absolutely right way. They hired an architect to help with the design of removing a major supporting wall, changing windows around, and then also for redesigning a back deck.

Lora asked me to help look over her architecture plans (I actually did have some pretty major changes to their designs!), and to help with the decor. This project is still going on, but I couldn’t wait to start telling the story. It’s going to be such an amazing after story!

So here are all of her Before photos. I can’t wait to show you the After’s!

The opening here will get a lot wider. The wall is coming down, but it’s a retaining wall, so that’s why they needed an architect.

Before kitchen

Wahoo! Yellow Linoleum!

Before kitchen showing peninsula
The two windows in the below picture will be resized.

Before showing other side of the peninsula
The wall with the fridge is coming down and the fridge and pantry will move to where the door opening is.

Peninsula looking the other way
The below photo shows the pantry wall that’s coming down. This doorway won’t be here anymore.

One of the windows getting resized

Tiny window over the sink that will get changed out
This picture below shows the wall that divides the kitchen and family room. It’s coming down to open up the area and an island will go in.

Big retaining wall that will be removed

Another shot of wall being removed

Wall dividing the kitchen and family room

Retaining wall at the end of this hallway that will get removed

This door will get opened up
So those are all of their Before’s! This is such a fun project and it’s getting VERY close to being done. I can’t wait to show the finished work!

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