My favorite moodboards

I truly love laying out moodboards. I know it’s technically “mood board” but it’s one word to me. As I was rounding up my moodboards, I noticed that there were some style themes, so I lumped them together. Just wanted to give you a little eye candy. I would love your thoughts!










Before & After: Lash Be A Lady

Yay! My second client’s project is finished! You can read about my first client if you’re bored.

Nicole is the fabulous entrepreneur of Lash Be A Lady.

In June she asked for my help in giving her lady a little face lift. Her place is in this cute little old house off of California Avenue in West Seattle. She took over the kitchen, and the rest of the house is a massage studio.

She’s an amazing business woman and hit the ground running 2 years ago getting her solo business going. She didn’t have a lot of time to decorate; she was all go, go, go with clients. But early this summer, with business going so well over the last two years, she decided it was time to decorate a bit.

Nicole is one of those great clients who “hates to shop” and trusts my judgement. This made it so easy to work with her. She sent me a few design inspiration images, then I put together a moodboard for her.

This is the moodboard she chose.

Lash Be A Lady Moodboard

Moodboard for Lash Be A Lady Facelift

This is how her place looked before.


Lash Be A Lady Before Shot

Evernote Camera Roll 20160617 1232091

Lash Be A Lady Before Shot

The place just needed a little love!

It’s a tiny space so it just took a few days of painting, installing new shades and drapes, replacing worn-out plugs (yes, I can wire electric!), and new light fixtures.

And here’s her after!


After shot with teal cabinets and a new wood shade 


After shot of built-in shelves painted with teal accent

We added a new shade above the sink. Here’s the before and after. So much brighter!






After shot. New light fixtures, window treatments and paint job.

Source List

She spent less than $1000 total!



Do you have a space that needs some sprucing up? I’m running an introductory special on moodboard design services which includes a shopping list, like the one above for Lash Be A Lady. It includes an in-person visit (if you’re in the Seattle area) or a Skype call walking through the room. Then we discuss design and I come up with a vision for you along with a shopping list. The pricing is on a sliding scale, depending upon which services you need.

Reach out to me if you’re interested! There’s a contact form on my About page in the top menu. or you can leave a comment and we can connect.